May 18th, 2010

dw | rose/ten» not even earth


Hello to anyone who's still paying attention despite the fact that this journal hasn't been updated in almost a year (oops)!

In part because of the ridiculous amount of time since I posted anything here and in part from a desire to get a semi-fresh start, I have opened up a brand-spanking new fic journal for myself. I've reposted all the Doctor Who fiction from this journal to that one, although I'm not reposting the other fandoms' stuff.

Additionally, I've posted the last couple chapters of the Ten/Rose and Eight/Charley fic that I had left hanging here (I am so sorry about that, btw) over at the new journal, so if you were following "Twist of Fate" (which turned out to have a chapter less than I thought it would, incidentally), you might want to check that out.

Anyway, the new location of my fic is quitelikehope, and I hope to see you there!